Shadowrun: Food Fight

It’s the great equalizer. It’ll stop a troll the size of car as easily as the smallest dwarf or the thinnest elf. It ain’t a weapon, a spell or even a dragon—it’s hunger. When it’s time to eat, you just gotta get the stuffers into your stomach before you go berserk. What are stuffers? They used to be called junk food or munchies. They’re probably just as good for you as nutrisoy and krill-filler,regardless of what those ads from the Nutrition Council say. When the pangs hit, there’s only one place to go (especially when the sun rises in about an hour) to find that kind of chow. It’s the place everyone loves to hate: Stuffer Shack.

But… there’s a complication. Isn’t there always?

(Short test scenario, intended to get players familiar with Shadowrun basics. Flavor text slightly paraphrased from GM dossier, due to laziness).

Food Fight

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